Construction Law

Construction Law

Our construction law practice spans commercial leasing, construction law, real estate joint ventures, infrastructure finance, regulatory compliance, contract negotiations and construction disputes.

In the construction and infrastructure industry, it has become imperative that legal advice is taken before transactions are consummated. We advise on the type of documentation required, identify, assess and manage risks associated with such projects and ensure that the goals for venturing into such projects are achieved.

We advise on contract drafting /management  mechanisms that ensure early delivery of projects with minimal / managed risks, for example:

  • Early warning procedures, could help avoid an increase in costs, delay in completion or impairment the performance of the contractor.
  • Risk register; identify the risk associated with the project, set out how those risks can be managed, and identify the time & cost associated with managing the risk.

We also advise on Dispute Avoidance Procedures such as mandatory discussions between representatives of the parties and also on Dispute Resolution Mechanisms using international best practices such as mediation before arbitration to avoid delay.